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What can and cannot be put in a garbage disposal?  You can put boneless meat, pitless fruit, bits of food you scrapped off of dishes.  You can't put noodles, rice, banana skin, avocodo skin, fruit pits or bones.
How can you increase the water pressure of a faucet?  You will probably have to increase your water line sizing.  A one half water line should only serve two fixtures.  It may also be that your line is clogged.
What would cause the sink drain to sound like it is constantly bubbling and gurgling?  Gurgling noises in drains are normally the result of air being trapped in front of the body of water moving down the pipe.  You must install a vent in the pipe downstream of where the problem is.
How do you keep roots out of the main sewer line?  The only thing you can really do is snake out the drain and get it as clear as possible.  Then you can dump copper sulfide down the system, it probably won't kill the roots but it stops them from growing.
Why do you loose hot water in the shower when a tap is turned on elsewhere in the house?  This is probably due to improper sizing in your water lines, the lines don't have enough volume to handle everything that's running.
Why does the toilet bowl not fill up after a flush and how do you fix it?  If the plastic hose from the ballcock is not in the overflow tube or the hose is clogged, the bowl will not fill correctly.  Next, check the water level in the tank, it should be 3/4 below the top of the overflow; adjust it as needed using the plastic screw on top of the ballcock.